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Default Re: Why do people hate Manny Pacquiao?

Originally Posted by bballchump11 View Post
no you dont' know **** about me Lance. This was back 2 and a half years ago and I had no problem with Pac then. I was excited to see the biggest fight on my lifetime and then he kept it from happening because he refused the testing. I'm not hear to argue who's fault it was. I'm just stating why I dislike him.
And I started disliking Pacquiao when he turned down the testing.

and look how far we've advanced since then. You act like Floyd is some type of ducker or asshoel for asking for testing. Look at boxing nowadays. A bunch of fighters are asking for the testing now. That argument you make would have worked a little 2 years ago, but it doesn't anymore
Why don't you explain why Jr was asking for Olympic style testing when he had no clue what it was ? This question is always avoided by the morons on here .
Or why the ones that have asked for testing are the ones that have come up with positive tests? Maybe they thought HRT wouldn't show up.
Who was that guy that owned all the HRT centers that Jr hung out with? Question Questions Questions but no real answers.
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