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Default Re: Was Khan even hit on the chin/jaw when he went down?

Originally Posted by Dunky McCafferty
Good post Nulty, & I see what you are saying. Im not going to hate Khan cos of his fans, cos to me Amir is a good person & is the real deal. That was a great win for him last night, cos most dont understand just how underrated Willie Limond is, I have followed him for years & hes a good fighter, as he proved. But Khan beat him in his 13th fight at the young age of 20, & I said before if Khan could stop Limond that would prove him to be the real deal in my eyes, & I stand by that.

But I just wish his fans werent such assholes, & tried to learn about the sport of boxing a bit. Im no angel myself, but if I dont like a fighter I can back it up with reasons either rightly or wrongly, but its sickening to read bozos talk about it like it was a common streetfight between two guys who hated each other, cos that couldnt be further from the truth.
I have always rated Limond as well, and in my opinion he could beat Earl as well. I think Thaxton though is the guy on top of the british lw scene though.
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