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Default Rios' post-fight antics - anyone else actually like it?

Seen a few people complain about Rios' behaviour during the post-fight interview. But honestly, I applaud him for it. Both him and Alvarado. You could tell how much that fight meant to them both; with Alvarado being so passionate and defensive over the belt he just won, and Rios being bitter (in a good way!) at not getting the victory after spilling his heart and guts out. Both of them shouting in each other's faces as if those 12 rounds of pounding the **** out of one another wasn't enough for them . What warriors, man. ****in' warriors!

So you can call Rios a ***** or a cry baby if you want, but I was seeing a guy who's just incredibly passionate about his game. No need to give him **** for it, in my opinion. He, in the interview, was just exhibiting the same hunger and competitiveness that makes us love his fights. The same **** that makes boxing so awesome to watch. He just gave it his all in rematch he was never obliged to give -- whilst entertaining us fans -- and fell ever so short of winning the world title.

So well done Mike and Brandon, and thank you once again for giving us an incredible night of boxing.


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