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Default Re: The Official Bangkok Fight Card Thread

Great posts lads and props for keeping the thread alive. Even though I'm amongst it all here I really haven't been able to post much, lots of travel.

I don't think we can be too surprised about Almos or Ishii, sure top flight quality farang boxers, but let's face it they've had it maybe a little padded and seem to lose when when it matters. Remember they fight right on the edge of a legit Thai weight class that don't have the depth of any below it. We said ourselves in the ATG forum when Almos won the title the Thai was seemingly smaller, out of shape and very rusty, he's now lost twice with the belt not on the line, including looking very average against Seanchai (but most do! ) and now a very dramatic stoppage.

Ishsi never seems to fight outside Japan, just looked at his record and he's only fought in Thailand three times, lost two and only won one very very early in his career in what was probably a very low level fight likes Petro's Thai win was. In this one the Thai looked about two weight classes smaller as well as pretty average and not too technical but wiped Ishii out, almost did it in the gotta ask questions about a Raja champ that doesn't fight in Thialand at all? Even Masato had a run in BKK. It was clear from that 1st upward elbow in the 2nd Ishii wasn't comfortable with them, I wonder if that was the plan i.e. ruff him up & give him a bit of spice straight from home, something he wasn't used to.....And let's face it Raja hasn't had a great spell the last few years it's only very very very recently it's being put back up their with Lumpinee.

I'm not knocking them as fighters, they are both top level quality farang, I'm just looking at it objectively in a MT context......very good but not not elite.

So, Yodwicha jointly wins the sports writer's award, well he deserves it. HOWEVER, do we remember what happened last year with Penek? He won the award and then mixed it with Seanchai......what happened.......the famously elusive, tricky and technical master Saenchai made Penek look a little one dimensional and clumsy. I wonder if history will repeat itself.....I reckon it might. Yodwicha is I think a little taller than Penek and their is a big height difference (stood next to both on the big Raja night in Feb), but Yodvicha is a knee specialist that likes to come forward in straight lines to pull you into the clinch or walk through you with knees. Exactly the type of fighter Seanchai's Poot Lorlek side step and counter works very well on, but I reckon it'll be Seanchais famed sweeps and throws that'll be Yodwicha's downfall as he keeps coming forward into Seanchai's little traps. Who ever hits the deck first will lose in this one I reckon. Yodwicha valiantly will turn it on in the 4th and 5th but Seanchai will lap it up nad make him look clumsy! I know alot of people think Yodwicha will win, but I'm not so sure, either way it'll be interesting but not spectacular.

By the way I never got a chance really to talk about the big Raja card from feb, I just wanted to say I thought Sam A's 5th round rally was immense. The way he rallied under pressure and just went on a rampage espcially in the context of the fight as he's a defensive fight, ****in awesome reminiscent of the golden age that round!

Anyway, I'll be in the UK soon so I'll be able to post more regularaly and upload vids properly with more time on my hands. I've found some great treats............

By the way as this is the BKK thread I figured I'm gonna post some vids pix of the stadiums and the atmosphere for the guys that've never been there. Here's Raja on that buzzing packed night in Feb when Somrak won....

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