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Default Re: Crawford would embarass Rios

Originally Posted by Uncle Rico View Post
Yeah, that's jumping the gun a bit. He'd certainly create problems for him, though. But at the moment we know nothing about how Crawford would deal with a relentless, in-your-face guy like Rios.
The Truth

Its one thing about being able to match-up styles in the head, but one uncertainty is the mental strength of the fighter...

That is one compelling aspect about our sport. You never know how a fighter is going to handle sustained pressure, or placed to the brink of a "Fight or Flight" situation. You don't know whether they are going to decide to make a brave stand at that brink, ala Timothy Bradley, or start running on their bike, to fight another day (or round).
You don't know whether a boxer will be able to sustain his mental strength and discipline and continuously move out of position, or just crack under pressure and "shell" up on the ropes and not move. And sometimes it happens not because they're hurt or tired. But that they have fighter spirits and want to make a stand for respect once in awhile, they want to trade and not always have to run and play tag.

Garcia and Rios was counting on Alvarado to switch into this mode and stay close and fight. This time, Alvarado had a definitive gameplan, and though getting suckered in for awhile in the 2nd round, was able to keep pulling back and drop power, while limiting time spent close.

At the time, Crawford isnt fully tested, though we did get to see a good portion of him vs Prescott, who i consider as a B/B+ gatekeeper. Of course Prescott doesnt have the great abiity to cut off the ring and maintain continuous pressure either... Mebbe we'll get to see this fight someday
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