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Default Re: Why do people hate Manny Pacquiao?

Floyd used the drug testing as a way to discredit Pacquiao - he had never demanded it before. He then goes off on his crusade to "clean up boxing" with his shady relationship with the USADA backing him along the way. Everyone also forgets Floyd insisted that Pacquiao test with the USADA, meaning Pacquiao wouldn't be able to train in the Phillipines.

Pacquiao sued Mayweather, you don't sue unless you're pretty sure of your innocence - you'd be afriad the other party actually has something damaging to say. What happened? Pacquiao's lawyers demanded that the USADA submit all of Floyd Mayweather's drug test results. Those documents never arrived. The USADA then filed a motion to allow them to keep Mayweather's results classified and give them the right to refuse them to be submitted to anyone. Pacquiao's lawyers never received the results and shortly afterwards Mayweather settled with Pacquiao with a statement released from all the Mayweather's stating they don't believe Pacquiao was on PEDS and what a great champion he is

Yet Mayweather, the self-confessed master of PR, still has all his ****head fans fooled into thinking he is "cleaning up the sport" when all this **** was a ruse to defame the one guy who rivalled his status and enabled him to avoid fighting the one man who could take away his precious 0, which is what his whole marketing is based on - let's face it, people don't buy Floyd PPVs because he's an exciting fighter or because he's so well liked - he's a boring fighter and is largely disliked as a personality apart from some idiots who believe "a ***** needs to put in her place now and again". People want to see him get whooped. Once that happens, Floyd's marketing goes down with it
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