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Default Re: Mike Alvarado Vs. Danny Garcia

Originally Posted by SweetHome_Bama View Post
Rios hurts people with his ****ing jab, a jab. Sorry but I don't think Danny will ever have that power and like I said Mike was able to handle that this fight and the first one, which I think was stopped prematurely.

I think Mike handles Danny or he gets a nice points win. Garcia has a nice left hook that he times, but that is it, I think Mike's right hand off the jab puts him down and down hard.

I think Ruslan beats Danny as well.

I believe Judah will KO Danny
They have close to the same Ko percentage, so you're just spouting hyperbole. Difference is the delivery.

Ruslan at 140 would be fun, but Danny ud's him.

I hope you're in a ban bet with someone over the upcoming Judah fight.
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