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Default Re: Rios' post-fight antics - anyone else actually like it?

Originally Posted by JohnnyDrama99 View Post
You gotta catch this fight! It was an amazing back and forth battle from the 1st to the the last bell.

Sorry to hear about the divorce chief.....that can be a major pain in the ass if you have a hell bent ***** on the other end.

You'll be able to catch the fight on Demand if you have HBO...if not you'll be able to youtube it in a few days. It's a fight you have to see if you love the sweet science.

Oh shes hell bent allrighty. We dropped HBO a lil while back now neither that or showrime. I feel naked lol. Im workin doubles at UPS at night intil I can land a new day job. This damn economy is making peeps crazy with what theyre offering per hour. I refuse to take a 7 dollar an hour paycut. **** that Ill live outta my car before I let that happen.

I also need to catch the Bradley Provo fight.

Hmm to finance my moving out I can always ppv some of my arguments with the soon to be ex, that crazy ***** is actually funny with the **** she says when I step away and think about it. If I dont step away Ill prolly murder the *****.
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