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Default Re: Why do people hate Manny Pacquiao?

Originally Posted by cyrax99 View Post
1. Using catchweights to drain his opponents

2. Making up all kinds of excuses to dodge and avoid taking blood tests. (He is one of the biggest suspected PED cheats for his suspicious behavior.)

3. Being caught in lies repeatedly (for example: says he is scared of needles, yet has tattooes.)

4. His horrible, delusional fans.

5. Dodging fighters like Shane Mosely when Roach said he was "too dangerous" etc. He is notorious for taking fights with guys who are coming off losses.

Oh, and seeming like a nice guy doesn't mean anything. Watch Ted Bundy interviews, he seems like one of the most charismatic, polite, and kind guys you will ever meet.
manny is, simply put, the biggest fraud of our era (and possibly in boxing ever). He was a hype machine built be lawyer-turned-promoter Bob "Honest" Arum. His claim-to-fame was fighting marquee fighters who were coming off consecutive losses/poor performances, using advantageous catchweights, rehydration clauses, and he did all this whilst avoiding drug tests.

manny's a tough fighter to root for (to me) but what bothers me most is his god damn cult following. Brainless sacs of dog feces who can't tell tit from tat spend all goddamn day digitally blowing manny and degrading all potential opponents who are as good or better than him (JMM/Floyd, etc). Also, most pac****s are racist too - ethnocentric pieces of ****
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