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Default Re: Lennox Lewis vs Vitali Klitschko, round by round scoring

All one has to do watch the last 30 seconds of round 6, and turn off the volume..and it's pretty easy to see what the future was going to be.

But round by round it's about as follows:

Round 1 V.K (feeling out round)

Round 2 V.K (fairly big round for V.K. had lewis hurt for 20-30 seconds)

Round 3 Lewis (I think V.K. was winning it early, then Lewis threw a jab that stopped V.K. in his tracks, and it started to become a war)

Round 4 V.K. (I can't recall who won rounds 4-5 but I do think they split these rounds)

Round 5 Lewis he starts walking through V.K.'s punches, and even though v.k. landed more, Lewis's were harder.

Round 6 Lewis (big round for Lewis, especially the last 30 seconds, contrary to what many think, V.K. handled the upper cut well, but Lewis threw an over hand right that really hurt V.K. and V.K. was basically drapped over Lewis for the last 20 seconds. Lewis was trying to throw him off so he could get some punching room to finish him off.

Score 4-2 (V.K.) winner of the fight: Lewis
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