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Default Re: Andre Ward is already an ATG

Originally Posted by LikeFatherNSon View Post
Completely disagree. Eubank fought Calzaghe on 8 days notice, fresh off the couch. Plus he no longer belonged at super middle. Let's not try to make that win any more than it actually was for Calzaghe.
What? You disagree that Eubank was a tough SOB even in his old age? That taking a fight at 8th days notice at a weight he wasn't training to fight at anymore but still giving the younger and very talented Calzaghe a very difficult fight is not an example of how tough an opponent he could still be at that time? That going life and death a hard-punching world champion from two weight divisions higher in two fights and only losing by a close decision in the first and injury in the second is not proof that he still had some left in the tank?

I didn't say 1998-Eubank was a better win for Calzaghe than 2011-Froch was for Ward, and I have never said it. Froch was closer to his prime against Ward than Eubank was against Calzaghe, Froch was in much better form heading into his fight with Ward than Eubank was against Calzaghe. Thus, in terms of where they were in their respective careers at the time 2011-Froch is a scalp that rates better than 1998-Eubank.

And I did not say 1998-Eubank would beat 2011-Froch, I said 1998-Eubank would make it a bloody difficult fight for 2011-Froch, just as 1998-Eubank made his fight with Calzaghe and two fights with Thompson bloody difficult.

I'm not trying to make 1998-Eubank out to be an elite fighter but only a fool or someone with an agenda would try to claim that he wasn't still one tough SOB who could give world-level fighters close and difficult fights.
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