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Originally Posted by Meow View Post
Lewis's career payday was againt Tyson and there no way in bloody blue hell that any fight under any circumstances with Vitali would eclipse the payday Lewis got for fighting Tyson. Tyson was multi-national superstar who crossed genres and was well known outside the world of boxing whereas Vitali is a boxing star who is only vaguely known outside the world of boxing and most of that outside-boxing fame is in Ukranian politics.

Lewis got a decent payday, fought a dangerous opponent and won while in the worse physical and mental condition he'd ever been for a title fight. He had nothing to prove. Vitali had his shot but he came up short.

What would a rematch prove anyway? Either Vitali won and everyone would say that was a meaningless win over clearly shot Lennox Lewis, or Vitali would lose and everyone would say Vitali was never in Lewis's class.

No, Vitali has made a greater legacy and name for himself out of being the guy Lennox refused to rematch because its given twits like you the ammunition to go on and on about it for time immemorial just because your boy had his chance to prove that he was an elite fighter by beating an all time great heavyweight but blew it and you're bitter because Lennox never gave him the chance to attone for it.

Bottom line is, if Vitali was half as good as his fanboys say he was then he would have finished Lewis before the stoppage and we'd have none of the "TKO6" and "refused rematch" rubbish. That fact that we have this **** still going on a decade later is purely down to Vitali not being good enough to capitolize on the opporunity to beat Lennox when he had the best circumstances possible to achieve it.
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