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Default Re: Rios' post-fight antics - anyone else actually like it?

Originally Posted by Jordan_Davies View Post
Pity bob doesnt believe in rematches and only made this fight because he was pressured into it by HBO

Hes just ****ed Rios didnt win and he wasnt able to put him in with Pacquiao like he originally planned to although that may still happen

And the only reason hes putting Rios in with Pac (or was going to) is because Marquez said no to a 5th match which in all fairness he is entitled to do after getting screwed in the 3rd fight

Bob Arum is still the biggest **** in boxing

On another note GBP have made a good move by going to showtime (or HBO's mistake, either way) Roy Jones showing early signs of dementia saying "Bradley lands a good left hook" . . . . . . Showtime however is actually a pleasure to watch especially with Al Bernstein, someone who actually knows about boxing. dudes a hero
That was actually a fantastic result for Bob and HBO. Alvarado winning actually prolongs his use. If he had lost, he'd have almost become irrelevant in their 140-147 business they've got going on. Alvarado has given Bob a good excuse to stage a third fight -- which will be massive -- some time down the line after using him and Rios amongst the following:
  • JMM-Bradley (both coming off wins)
  • Pac-Rios (both coming off losses)
  • Alvarado-Provodnikov (gives Alvarado a chance to defend his new belt)
And then they can continue matching up the winners and the losers from that. It seemed like HBO and TR's options at welterweight were limited, but their excellent shows this month have paved the way for a lot of opportunities.
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