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Default Re: Liam Walsh v Harrison

Originally Posted by billy nelson View Post
Dunky I think your an ok guy mate but you have been listening to bull**** from people for a long long time.
unfortunately Scott has blown it far to many time in the past for people to take him seriously,he had a great opportunity when managed by Alex and even Alex seen the light a lot quicker than others may I add.
yes Scott was a excellent fight 8years ago no doubt,but Dunky now is Ricky Burn's time Scott would be destroyed in less than 6 rounds mate.
Peter Harrison will tell whoever listens Scott's better now than 10 years ago PISH!
The strength and conditioner coach also said Scotts the finest athlete he's worked with,well George you have an open invitation to my gym your opinion on that will change very very quickly.
I wish Scott well in his fight but fear he will lose
Billy, I love you too
Im not a big believer in Alex Morrison Billy, so Im kinda glad they split. & no doubt this is Ricky Burns time, im still a huge fan of the lad, always have been, always will be. However, im worried that Ricky's career is stagnating like the economy at the moment.
This is where im coming from. IF Burns doesnt get a defining fight this year, & scotty beats Walsh & avoids the clink for the foreseeable future, then why not have a battle of Scotlands finest? Every economy needs a boost when its stagnant, & a comebacking Scotty vs your fighter would get things going again AND bloody rake it in for you Billy, so stop being so po-faced at the mere mention of Scotty in the same breath as the rickster!

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