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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Originally Posted by Makingweight View Post
What do you make of Price being put back in with Thompson without a tune up real gamble for me.
One thing Maloney has had to pay Thompson very well to get the re-match & should Price lose he really is in no mans land.
Interesting read for those that are interested google boxers fight purses couldn't be sure the figures are correct on all fights but has several sources quoting the same figures.
Will open a few eyes some of the PPV revenue figures are so big wouldn't register as an overseas phone number!
Price - Thompson re-match
Here is where an experienced hand is needed, all around.

The Promoter:
From a promoters POV it's a sellable fight.
The Promoter is thinking that he can make a big score on this rematch.
Or the Promoter might be thinking, I need to know if Price is going somewhere or not.
Or the promoter has lost confidence in Price in by putting him in may want to cash Price out.
Or he actually believes in Price and that it was a fluke.

An experienced guy:
An experienced hand would think, I have chinny guy who has potential and who has a huge fight in the future vs Fury. Why risk that to fight a guy nobody cares about, it's a thankless fight, you beat him so what, you were supposed to beat him in the first place.

The fan's:
would want to see him fight Thompson again they wont want to support Price fighting a clubfighter.

The Fighter:
He's out to prove that it was a lucky shot
His fighting heart is bigger then his brain

The Manager:
Wants Thompson again to prove to the world that Price has the goods
Wants to keep the monster payday of a Fury fight alive

An experienced hand:
Is it wise to toss the dice on Price's career?
Two HOF fighters come to mind, Jack Dempsey and Joe Louis.
Jack Dempsey vs Fireman Jim Flynn.
In the first fight Flynn ko'd Dempsey in one rd. It's been said Dempsey took a dive, whatever it was it was a year later Dempsey flattened Flynn in one rd.

Joe Louis vs Max Schmeling
Schmeling stopped Louis in their first fight almost two years later Louis avenged the loss.
Neither Louis nor Dempsey jumped back into the ring with the guy that beat them. Could be a lesson here.
I know it's a reach, I've seen Price and I seen the Thompson fight and aaah..........

M thanks for that google search, dang I found Muhamad Ali fight by fight purses from his pro debut, do yourself a favor google boxers fight purses, ck it out. Talk about the slave wages and chump change, dang.
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