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Default Re: Julio Cesar Chavez vs Pernell Whitaker

Originally Posted by frankenfrank View Post
since it is such a discussed fight and a consensus robbery , I found de courage 2 start watching it.
I have 2 mention that I wocht Ramirez vs Rosario 1&2 , Ramirez vs Whitaker 1&2 , vs Chavez , Camacho , Arguello and Mancini , and only Camacho & Mancini deserved wins over him out of these . Chavez butted him when it became possible that Chavez would tire from de pace of de fight which he might have had a slight lead in , but nothing more .
I also watched Chavez vs LaPorte and Chavez did not win it , so I m not a big Chavez fan .

I type and edit this thread after every 2-3 rds .

rd 1 : even : Chavez did land at least partially at it , and pressed de action most of it . Whitaker retreated most of it , and mainly tried 2 lightly jab as usual .
rd 2 : Chavez . quite de same as rd 1 , except that Chavez also landed 2d body more and Whitaker had 2 clinch in order 2 stop him from doing so .
Whitaker's intentional use of de head on another occasion also did not evade me .
rd 3 : Even but may b given 2 Chavez slightly if 4ced 2 pick , more of de seim , and Whitaker did seemed in control compared 2d average Chavez opponent , did not he ? , but if 1 4gets that these r "Whitaker" and "Chavez" then that 1 can not find anything impressing done by Whitaker except of not getting destroyed by de aggressor , but he did not do any more damage that Chavez did in that rd either . Whitaker landed slightly more 2d head , Chavez somewhat more 2d body in it .
rd 4 : Even but may b given 2 Whitaker . In a part of it , Chavez lured Whitaker in2 being de aggressor . Whitaker did it , threw a few and maybe even landed a fewer punches .
Chavez was still de aggressor when he chose 2 .

rd 5 : Even but may b given 2 Chavez .
Still Chavez attacking de body and even landed 2d head on at least 1 occasion .
Yes , Whitaker sneaked his shots in 2 , which might make it even , but Chavez was still d1 4cing d fight .
rd 6 : Even but again may b given 2 Chavez . Pressed d action except from a few *** when he lured Whitaker 2 attack , Whitaker had 2 clinch in order 2 pause Chavez' offense and also landed a low blow . It may b claimed even because Chavez did not amount 2 much himself , but definitely not a good rd 4 Whitaker .

rd 7: Even . Whitaker scored a gr8 low blow , and looked flashy 4 himself throwing and usually either missing or landing on Chavez' gloves . He rarely did score in this rd as well .
Chavez threw and usually missed as well , I bet that this is a rd most will score in favor of Whitaker . It may be given 2 him , not a huge error , but Chavez was d1 pressing d action and Whitaker could not stop Chavez' moving 4ward . How is this , without scoring a KD , or visibly hurting a guy can b considered domination is n enigma 2 me , I'd rather consider it survival by Whitaker .

rd 8 : Whitaker , despite of his inability 2 stop Chavez' attack , he outlanded him in this rd , but nothing huge even if it was a spectacular feat 4 Pernell 2do vs Chavez .
Dude you need to learn how to watch a fight or at least take some boxing instruction so you'll know what he **** you're watching... That shit you just wrote was pure fantasy. It's not even worth commenting on. You should find another hobby dude. It's reading shit like this that deters me from going to boxing sites.
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