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Default Re: Julio Cesar Chavez vs Pernell Whitaker

Originally Posted by frankenfrank View Post
since it is such a discussed fight and a consensus robbery , I found de courage 2 start watching it.
I have 2 mention that I wocht Ramirez vs Rosario 1&2 , Ramirez vs Whitaker 1&2 , vs Chavez , Camacho , Arguello and Mancini , and only Camacho & Mancini deserved wins over him out of these . Chavez butted him when it became possible that Chavez would tire from de pace of de fight which he might have had a slight lead in , but nothing more .
I also watched Chavez vs LaPorte and Chavez did not win it , so I m not a big Chavez fan .

I type and edit this thread after every 2-3 rds .

rd 1 : even : Chavez did land at least partially at it , and pressed de action most of it . Whitaker retreated most of it , and mainly tried 2 lightly jab as usual .
rd 2 : Chavez . quite de same as rd 1 , except that Chavez also landed 2d body more and Whitaker had 2 clinch in order 2 stop him from doing so .
Whitaker's intentional use of de head on another occasion also did not evade me .
rd 3 : Even but may b given 2 Chavez slightly if 4ced 2 pick , more of de seim , and Whitaker did seemed in control compared 2d average Chavez opponent , did not he ? , but if 1 4gets that these r "Whitaker" and "Chavez" then that 1 can not find anything impressing done by Whitaker except of not getting destroyed by de aggressor , but he did not do any more damage that Chavez did in that rd either . Whitaker landed slightly more 2d head , Chavez somewhat more 2d body in it .
rd 4 : Even but may b given 2 Whitaker . In a part of it , Chavez lured Whitaker in2 being de aggressor . Whitaker did it , threw a few and maybe even landed a fewer punches .
Chavez was still de aggressor when he chose 2 .

rd 5 : Even but may b given 2 Chavez .
Still Chavez attacking de body and even landed 2d head on at least 1 occasion .
Yes , Whitaker sneaked his shots in 2 , which might make it even , but Chavez was still d1 4cing d fight .
rd 6 : Even but again may b given 2 Chavez . Pressed d action except from a few *** when he lured Whitaker 2 attack , Whitaker had 2 clinch in order 2 pause Chavez' offense and also landed a low blow . It may b claimed even because Chavez did not amount 2 much himself , but definitely not a good rd 4 Whitaker .

rd 7: Even . Whitaker scored a gr8 low blow , and looked flashy 4 himself throwing and usually either missing or landing on Chavez' gloves . He rarely did score in this rd as well .
Chavez threw and usually missed as well , I bet that this is a rd most will score in favor of Whitaker . It may be given 2 him , not a huge error , but Chavez was d1 pressing d action and Whitaker could not stop Chavez' moving 4ward . How is this , without scoring a KD , or visibly hurting a guy can b considered domination is n enigma 2 me , I'd rather consider it survival by Whitaker .

rd 8 : Whitaker , despite of his inability 2 stop Chavez' attack , he outlanded him in this rd , but nothing huge even if it was a spectacular feat 4 Pernell 2do vs Chavez .

rd 9 : even/close but giveable 2 Chavez . in this rd Chavez : made Pernell miss , landed 2 his body , landed 2 his chin , pressed d action as usual . And what did Pernell do ? looked slick'n'black as usual . A gr8 reasoning 2Y this rd can b given 2 him , is not it ? but not in my scoring at least .
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