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Default Re: Johnson on Dempsey-nice titbits here.

Originally Posted by RockysSplitNose View Post
I'm guessing the Joe Gans that Johnson was talking about was the one pictured far right here - Johnson name dropped him quite naturally so I'm guessing most people back in the day knew which Gans he was referring to - so I'm guessing this Gans was a known name on the circuit and I would assume by how Johnson describes it someone who really knew how to handle himself
rocky I think I have the man on the right as Panama Joe Gans, born in Barbados in 1896, and not to be confused with Italian Joe Gans ,born in Italy in 1891,who was a MW also ar 5ft3". As a young boy i shook hands with Italian Joe Gans who worked at Feltman's in Coney Island in the late 1940s...Italian Joie Gans fought Soldier Bartfield a few times in the 1920s.
So Jack Johnson must have meant "Panama" Joe Gans who sparred with Jack Dempsey in the photo above...
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