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Default Re: Johnson on Dempsey-nice titbits here.

Originally Posted by burt bienstock View Post
This B.S. propaganda that Jack Dempsey did not fight the TOP black FIGHTERS [plural] in his title reign has to be rebutted time and again....The ONLY viable black heavyweight threat during the early 1920s, before Dempsey went Hollywood, was Harry Wills who even then was in his early 30s...Though they did sign with a Michigan promotor...Sam McVea, Sam Langford, Jack Johnson, Joe Jeannette were pushing 40 by then and were retired....So let's be real ... Would Dempsey fight the above black fighters were they in their 20s and active is purely hypothetical....But
until I started on the internet the only black viable heavyweight Dempsey
did not fight was the DESERVING Harry Wills, and acknowleged by the boxing writers of those times....There is no fighter on ESB that get's
such a lacing from some posters that the Manassa Mauler gets...
Too darn bad giving the shaft to a beloved figure that Dempsey was for
over 50 long years...Shame...,
Whether you think him deserving of a title shot or not, Sam Langford most certainly was not retired when Dempsey was champ. He beat Fireman Flynn multiple times whiel Dempsey was champion and was more active than Dempsey during the span while Dempsey was busy doing everything but being heavyweight champ.

In fact, Lanford fought 22 times during the period of time when Dempsey did not so much as set his toe in the ring while he was champ. That's quite a workload for a retired guy.

I'm not saying he could have beaten Dempsey -- we'll never know, sadly, but to try to twist history and say Langford was retired is just flat-out not true.

It's also worth noting that you can duck top challenges (not challengERS, but challenges) on your way to the title, and Dempsey most certainly did not seek out any bouts with viable, proven black fighters either on his way to the top or after winning the championship.

I'm sure you have addressed it somewhere, but Burt I'd like your take on Dempsey sitting on the championship and refusing to either give it up or defend it while worthy challengers were forced to wait. I think what he did in holding up the title is disgraceful -- you are one of his biggest fans, so I'd like to know how you reconcile this. Would you stand up for other fighters if the put their titles in deep freeze this way?
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