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Default Re: Johnson on Dempsey-nice titbits here.

Originally Posted by burt bienstock View Post
D, I am so old that my blood type has been discontinued ! I don't like to jinx myself, but my dad took me to see my first pro card in 1942, Beau Jack against Terry Young at old ST Nick's Arena NY. I shook the hand of Ray Robinson BEFORE he turned pro in 1940 at the Golden Gloves bouts in the Bway Arena. So d, let's say Ive been around the block...
As far as Dempsey/Marciano who I saw almost kill Carmine Vingo in 1949, I have posted my opinion before...I cannot see Marciano tough as he was,
NOT being ko'd by Jack Dempsey, both in their primes...Marciano who I loved missed half his punches, and against a Dempsey who hit as hard and with both hands, much more accurateley, and twice as fast as Rocky, and
whoever Dempsey hurts he ko's...A Joe Louis in his Max Baer days would stop Marciano surely IMO...take care...
Thanks for the reply ive noticed jack gets alot of flack on esb good to see posts from someone who knows alot from the old time fighters . Must of been great meeting sugar ray did you see any of his pro fights live alot of his fight films from his welterweight period are missing or were destroyed by fire if im not mistaken
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