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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

A managers job:
"My job is to call them and tell them that's what [Top Rank] wants to do and let them hash it over," Cameron Dunkin said.
Top Rank offered Mikey Garcia a fight with Juanma Lopez in Puerto Rico, Lopez is Puerto Rican. A manager should have some input in the decision making process, especially in this fight the location can make a difference, and not where most people would think. The officials are for the most part brought in and both fighters camps have a say over who the judges and referee are. The judges and ref might be the most honest officials there are but the real culprit will appear in the form of the crowd, their cheering and or hostility towards the visitor will be felt and that is where things can go wrong and as sometimes happens influences a decision.
The manager should try to get the fight moved if he hasnt done that already since he is the champ(Mikey Garcia). My take is that while Garcia is the champ, he is the "B" side, he has no real ability to put asses in the seats, Juanma is the "A" side, he can put asses in seats , especially in Puerto Rico. Top Rank is looking to make the most money possible for themselves and the fighters so from a business POV its on solid ground.
To me it's wise to get everybody's take on the fight, but at the end of the day the manager has to do his job and that is to protect the fighter. Trainer's who are both family members and trainers may have different agendas the manager has to look at it with cold eyes.
The manager's agenda is to get the best deal possible, including re-match clauses if possible and maybe thats the case here. My belief is too many cooks may spoil the stew if the manager lets it get out of hand.
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