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Default Re: DLH vs. Mugabi

Or he could hurt him sufficiently early enough, that Oscar's offensive output is too blunted to win.

maybe drop him a few times and DLH goes into survival mode etc

he doesn't outright need the stoppage.Just needs to punch holes in him and get him cautious.

Was Oscar at this stage in his career even really willing to lay it all on the line, to really thrown combinations like Hagler did to beat the beast?

He gave a perfunctory effort against Hopkins, enough not to look bad and then quit as soon as Nard started to land frequently.And Hopkins was by no means working hard in that fight.Tht Oscar would have his skull horribly caved in.

Vargas was a good peformance but i see a fighter there that can be bullied, can't control a bigger aggressive fighter with pure boxing ability alone and gets hit far too much.

imo Oscar can do well with pure boxing against a good amount of the 154 2nd-tier champs and contenders, guys from that era like Hard **** Green, Skouma, Minchillo..., obviously damaged goods Vargas from his own era, Boudouani etc but real power punching physicalfighters that were comfortable at 160 like Mugabi and Jackson are far too much and a notch above that.

Does anyone really think Oscar could contain someone like Roldan?These are the kind of punchers that would physically bully, abuse and starch or shutout a guy like Mosley at 154, someone Oscar was going all out to even contain physically and keep him on the end of the jab at the weight.
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