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Default Re: Classic boxing room 101

Good idea janitor. Time to go into miserable ****bag mode.

- The term 'check hook'. It's a counter left hook, for ****s sake.
- The word 'resume'. Dunno why, but it draws my **** to an irrational extent.
- Heavyweight threads.
- Fighters fighting less than 3 times a year.
- 12 round title fights.
- Same day weigh ins.
- The amateur point scoring style that has Olympic gold medalists looking like prize ****s once they turn pro.
- The shoulder roll/Mayweather and the current generation who look like they're having a stroke when they try to do it/copy him.
- The idea that Sal Sanchez was fighting to the level of his opponents whenever they showed him a jab and some decent back foot fundamentals/range.
- False objectivity.
- **** taste in entrance music.
- Repetitive, ill-conceived fantasy fights and the equally ill-conceived, hasty replies they often generate.
- This one probably won't be popular, but collectors who either hawk footage or only agree to sell it to you on the condition that you don't share it or allow it into the public domain.
- Those four take-it-up-the-**** slags from *** and the City.
- Cinderella Man and all the Rocky sequels (with IV at the front of the queue).
- Pundits and commentators.
- People like Barry McGuigan who have Oscar in their top ten welterweight lists.
- Lists.
- Me.
- Half the other ****s on here.
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