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Originally Posted by lora View Post
I don't know where this idea of Oscar as some sort of master boxer at these weights comes from.

I'd be worried about middleweight technicians the calibre of Griffith, Archer, benvenuti, Kalambay etc against a massive puncher that throws unpredictable punches like the beast.....i wouldn't pick him to beat them, but i'd have my doubts because they lack real consistent heavy-handedness and would have to go plenty of rounds being very sharp.Even Hopkins, who hits harder than those guys and is a huge middle, would need to play it safe.

Oscar? He's not remotely in that class here, physically or technically.I have my doubts he would even have clearly defeated Vargas had he fought him pre-Tito.
I suppose because I don't rate Mugabi very highly. He doesn't really have any good wins, but I suppose he gave Hagler a toughish fight and maybe he was just ruined after that. Then again maybe Hagler fighting in close quarters flattered Mugabi

Yes he was strong and hit hard and quite athletic. But also easy to hit himself and telegraphed as he needed to plant his feet to punch. I suppose he could be too strong for Oscar at 160 and I suppose you could say Mugabi was a bigger Mosley in allot of ways.
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