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Default Re: What if Greb fought for the HW title?

Out of everyone Harry Greb fought, Jack Dempsey is gonna be the guy to put the former away? I'm not buying it.

Greb feasted on the same heavyweights Dempsey fought, and then some. He defeated every heavyweight he ever stepped into the ring with, including Dempsey's sparring partners (Renault, Malone, Monoghan).

And Dempsey knocks Greb out within 15? Dempsey had a good hooks but its not like his power leaps out at upu historically like Moore's or Shavers. Greb was knocked out once in 299 fights and was green when it happened. He took countless heavy hitter's best shots.

The dude ducks Greb for 2-3 years and he's supposed to magically handily defeat him? It doesn't work that way. You don't duck someone, **** your pants whenever you hear their name, and then step into the ring and it all goes away and you destroy the greatest fighter of all time. **** that.

And, yes, sparring sessions aren't the end all be all, but damn it's real nice for that to be only 6 times the two men stepped into the ring together and it not mean anything. Greb battered Dempsey; busted his eye, split his tongue, left him gasping for air. Does that mean everything? No, but it's still more than Dempsey ever did to Greb.

Greb trounces Dempsey, and I'm sure of it. Dempsey's nothing special compared to Greb and the top men he defeated. Walker, Tunney, Gibbons bros, Dempsey isn't at that level. Yes, stylistically he's much different than those men but history doesn't work that way. Dempsey didn't have that special something like these men did. That special something that you can't really explain but you know when you see it. He's just not great not great like these men were. He won't be the one man to clearly handle the personification of perpetual motion that is Harry Greb.
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