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Default Re: What if Tyson had kept his corner complete for his entire career?

It is all sepulaction but....
I think he beats Douglas but I don't know for sure. Douglas excuted a perfict game plan that night.
1990 James Buster Douglas ko 8 38-0
1991 Evander Holyfield ko 7 Holyfield is tough and brave but too brave for his own good. 39-0
1991 George Foreman 11-1 y being the first man to go the distance sence 1987 when Tony Tucker managed to do so many people would talk about this as a moral victory for Big George. 40-0
1992 Donovan Ruddock 8-4 For the first time there will be talk of the posibility that Tyson is not invincible. 41-0
1992 Rid**** Bowe 7-5 Posible split or majorty decision. 42-0
1993 Lennox Lewis ko 9 Lewis has his momets but Tyson catches up with him. 43-0
1993 Evander Holyfield ko 9 See my commets for their 1991 fight. 44-0
1994 Michael Moorer ko 11 Much will be made about the history between Tyson and Moorer's trainer Teddy Atlias. Morrer will fight well but will get careless. 45-0
1994 Tommy Morrison ko 1 46-0
1995 Rid**** Bowe L 8-4 Bowe for a very breif period of time may have been the best heavyweight head to head. 46-1
1995 Lennox Lewis 7-5 Possible split or majorty decision. both are coming off loses Tyson to Bowe and Lewis to Oliver McCall 47-1
1996. Rid**** Bowe 8-4 Many boxing fans and experts will find it hard that Bowe was the same guy who beat Tyson a year before 48-1
1996 Mile Tyson 31 years old two time undisputed heavyweight champion of the world with a record of 48-1-0 (39) anouces his retirement.
1996-1998 Joins the brodcast team for HBO or Showtime.
1998 David Tua ko 9 By now Lennox Lewis who Tyson has beten twice is the doment heaveyweight and their is a lot of talk about Ike Ibeabuchi He fights Tua who is coming off a loss to Ike Ibeabuchi to shake off some rust. 49-1
1999 Ike Ibeabuchi ko 11. Tyson stops Ibeabuchi in a great fight. 50-1
1999 Michael Grant ko 4. After disposeing of Tua and Ibeabuchi Tyson takes on another hot prospect Michael Grant who at 6′ 7″ and coming off a win aganst Lou Savarese. 51-1
2000. Lennox Lewis L 10-2 Lewis easily puts an end to Mike Tyson's hopes of becoming a three time heavyweight champion of the world. 51-2
2000 Mike Tyson 35 years old two time undisputed heavyweight champion of the world retires from boxing (again) with a record of 51-2-0 (42).
With a better team around than the one that Don King provided for him he will be no Saint but he will have stayed out of major trubble. He would also be in a much better finchial postion than he is now. Except as a comatator or possible trainer he will not have gotten into a boxing ring sence his loss to Lennox Lewis in 2000.

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