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Default Re: What if Tyson had kept his corner complete for his entire career?

I think Cus, Jacobs and Rooney were the best team that Tyson had, at least they were boxing people unlike Rory Holoway. Cus gave Mike the mental strength he needed and Cus was good at the mind games. I think Jacobs was the next closest to Tyson but Cus was the Key and Kevin a reminder but Cus did not care about money, he wanted the best Tyson, Years after Cus;s death Mikes wife found an account with 250,000 in it, they couldn't figure out where it came from but then found out it was Cus saving money for Mike. That kind of love you can not replace. Tyson may have had trouble with Douglas and Holtfield but with Cus in his corner he would have been better prepared to win and would have had some answers to his problems. He would have had a better chance to be and stay as the best MIKE TYSON he could be and unfortunatly that is not what he became
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