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Originally Posted by Tito Time View Post
Thanks. My work speaks for itself. The kid is 40-8, fighting out of Philadelphia, not some ***** ass state.
Don't get so defensive - if you think this works for you then crack on. I'd suggest that the 40-8 kid is good in spite of this padwork rather then because of it.

I went to a gym recently where the coaching was literally the worst I have ever, ever seen. In terms of the fundamentals- the instruction, the routine was entirely terrible and has been for many years.

In spite of all this, and a terrible reputation for being a very poor boxing gym they have two fighters who always work together one is 7-1 and a national finalist and the other is 6-1 and a regional champion. They've got literally hundreds of kids who have passed through the door who wouldn't win a fight because their development has being impaired largely poor coaching - but two very rough diamonds there- and they are now getting better.

Give yourself a big pat on the back for 40-8 but remember If you **** enough **** down the toilet some will stick to the sides. I'd be more impressed if you said that everyone in tyour gym understood the fundamentals and basics properly and knew the hows and whys of punching, defence and movement. Eventually someone will walk through the door who has the drive and will power to do something special.
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