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Default Re: Geale set to announce next voluntary title defence.

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
Ill take that bet.
The condition is that you leave for good to, of course.

I'll say goodbye to you now, **** head.
And the Do you even follow boxing was my line, i was the first to use that on these forums, its good to see you cant come up with your own sht lol.
You don't have the intelligence to come up with something first.
Do you honestly think after all the banter we had on the forums id be rooting for your lover? even a re**** can work that one out.
I don't give a toss if you're rooting the neighbors cat.
Though I hope the poor thing doesn't catch anything...
If Geale ever fights GGG or Martinez he will get stopped. Ill bookmark this page for when it happens. Then you go bye bye for good with your tail tucket between Geales legs since your that far up the guys ass you cant see reality.
Not a chance in hell.
Every one on this board will be glad to see the back you, ****er.
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