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Default Do you reckon UFC 159 will be the last time we see Chael compete in the cage?

I think so. I'm expecting him to lose to Jones and then retire immediately. Would not be at all surprised to hear him make his retirement announcement to Rogan in the cage in the post-fight interview.

Which would be a shame, but I don't think Sonnen's a guy who will hang around and keep competing because he can't let go. He doesn't strike me as a guy who will slide down the card and end up as a steppingstone for young prospects.

He's earned a ****load of money the last few years, the UFC obviously loves him, he can walk into any number of well-paid TV roles for the company, and he clearly has a future in coaching either wrestling or MMA if he wants it.

So I reckon this fight coming up will be his last. I expect him to lose, but it gets more interesting if he somehow wins. If he manages to win, it makes even more sense to retire straight away.

Thoughts? What do you reckon the chances are that we'll see Chael in the cage only one more time?

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