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Default Re: Do you reckon UFC 159 will be the last time we see Chael compete in the cage?

Originally Posted by rusty nails View Post
not on your life. there are a heap of big fights out there for him including vitor and wanderlei. keep in mind hes only relatively new to the big money fights plus dana loves him. i honestly cant see him retiring any time in the next 2 years
That's true. But Wanderlei is still there because he cannot give it up. (Vitor is still quite relevant.) I don't see Chael being the same as Wandy. Wandy seems to be a fighter and nothing else - he always comes across as kind of dumb, and someone who doesn't know how to do anything except train and fight, and has no interest in doing anything else. Sonnen is certainly not that guy.

Could be wrong - there's a LOT of easy money out there for him - but I think Chael is too competitive to just cash his "happy to be here, I'll do my best" cheques. Especially when he can build a nice life for himself doing pretty much whatever he wants in the sport.

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