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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Whats a manager or promoter to do? Rigondeaux won, now what? The manager seemed to think he made a good deal, beating Donaire means an up in pay, Rigo now wants Donaire pay. The promoter now has it's work cut out him, he has ONLY to find the media outlet to pay for the fight, and the revenue stream to pay the large purse Rigo will now demand and then for the really good part, find somebody willing to fight Rigo for that low pay. You may ask why doesn't the promoter pay the opponent more money? Well, it's simple there is little money left to pay the opponent after Rigo takes his. Now after the glow of the win over Donaire fades into time, what is a manager to do? He has a p4p, with hof skills and nobody cares if they ever see him in a ring again. Guy's this is a sport where excitement rules, you have to give the fan's what they want to see, action. Believe me no matter how pretty those moves are, the fast hands and quick feet, fergitboutit, it dont mean poop, to the fans. Go to any fight, anywhere and ck out the crowds response to the action and what brings them to their feet? I will bet you anything that the crowd aren't getting excited about somebody's great defensive and skillful moves. Guys if you want to make money, make people want to see you. Boxing is a great sport but it's also a business.
Hope you guys out there dont mind my commenting on things from a managers/boxing guys POV.
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