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Default Re: Tough night for fury?

Originally Posted by WinstonBarry View Post
I think it was pretty clear that Fury was emotionally invested in the fight when he should have fought impassively - that was a major undoing and an unnecessary risk. You say he used his natural advantages, but he did so in a limited fashion - the fight against Johnson was a blueprint example of utilising his natural advantages; in this encounter he just wanted to brawl - was it because of the venue? The setting? Or was he riled by Cunningham? Either way, it almost backfired.
Difference between Johnson and Cunningham, was that Johnson was fat and not in the condition of Cunningham! Tyson Fury was able to out move, and out box Johnson. I don't think he could of did the same to Cunningham! He had not choice but to walk forward and impose his size, and strength he had not other choice. Even still Cunningham fought a bigmans fight and was getting off the better work more of the time, and beating Fury up. Before this fight Fury was piping up about being 6"9, there are allot of heavyweights these days that think the title is owed to them because they are 6"5 plus. Cunningham was the better athlete and fighter, and i see what Nazim Richardson was saying about some big guys winning 80% because they are big. That was Steve USS cunningham's biggest problem, and in my opinion he nearly over came it! even by fighting a bigmans fight!

There are old school heavyweights out there who can fight, and i think the Tyson Fury's, David Price's need to pipe down.

I hope more CW move up to the Heavyweight division, that was a exciting fight!
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