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Default Re: Post Your Pic/Talk About Anything Thread

Good, competitive fight. Canelo certainly looked the better fighter in there, but he's clearly just lackadaisical at times. He'll probably always give up rounds on volume alone when fighting other top guys. It's almost as if he really wants to be a Mayweather-esque mover & defender, even if he'd probably be overall more effective as a committed pressure fighter. Seemed a bit overconfident at times, too, but that stupid beyond stupid decision to tell the corners the scores after rounds probably had something to do with that. I became more of a fan of Trout as well. Good, brave fighter, seems a genuinely good person.

Anyway, I'm fairly impressed with Canelo. Nice skills, physically strong, quick hands, good puncher, chin seems excellent, etc. All that and he's still just 22. *******'s only a year older than me.
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