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Default Re: Tough night for fury?

Originally Posted by WinstonBarry View Post
He didn't fight particularly sensibly, did he. That was part of the problem.

He didn't look hurt to me - he got knocked down, but that does happen if you get smacked square in the face by a 6ft 3 heavy man
Wrong!! Tyson was quite clearly hurt (and Cunningham was not renowned for his power at CW) and on more than one occasion Fury was rocked..but I do agree that his (Tyson's) trash talk made this a night where the wheels almost fell off. Fury put too much pressure on himself to not only win, but put on a show, and that was evident. This resulted in him not fighting a sensible fight.

In my opinion, Tyson Fury's arrogance almost earned him a defeat! If he had took Cunningham seriously (and stopped all the bull**** and between rounds histrionics) he could have utilised his obvious advantages and made this an evening where the majority praised an excellent victory. So, who is to blame? Fury? His camp? Probably a bit of both, the main thing is, Tyson showed his undoubted heart and won the fight..but against a powerful hitting HW Tyson better learn that having respect for an opponent is essential or he may find himself getting ko'd in spectacular fashion (what the **** is it with him holding his left hand so low? This is not the amateurs).

[quote=DDDUUDDDEE;15205554]I thought it was more of a flash knockdown by USS in the second round, akin to Douglas-Tyson when Mike landed that sweet uppercut as Buster got careless. Fury looked annoyed with himself more than anything.

Mike Tyson dropping Buster Douglas was a flash knockdown???? You obviously know **** all about boxing so I suggest you learn what a "Flash knockdown" is (perhaps you could "Wiki it) before you post a comment that clearly shows your ignorance.

BTW Fury's knockdown wasn't of the "flash" variety either and he looked shook to his boots and more than a little concerned (try watching it again, only this time without the bias) the one emotion that most certainly did not appear present on Tyson's dial for the remainder of that round was annoyance.

Let us hope that this FINALLY gets Tyson's attention!! He is no longer fighting bums! Fury could shock a lot of people and go a long way, but he MUST take heed of this huge warning.
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