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Default Re: I think i might be "overtrained"

Hi, I was wondering if someone can give me some advice. I am a coach who trains amateur boxers and I have 1 boxer whose muscles are always sore and this is frustrating him as he cant train to his maximum. He has had 50+ fights so he isnt a beginner and he trains hard all the time, he knows no other way and if he cant train hard it annoys the hell out of him. He trains 6-10 hours per week, normally closer to 6, he works full time as a boilermaker, sleeps about 6 hours a night, eats very well, has recovery drinks, massages, ice baths etc. The ice baths seem to help to some degree. He had a 2 week break mid to late february and I have tried to mix his training up as much as possible to avoid training the sore muscle groups. He only knows how to train hard and I have tried to get him to train at a lesser intensity at times with no success. At times he also feels drained but a lot of the times he doesn't tell me and just tries to train through it. I have a couple of other boxers who train hard and do the same routine but he is the only 1 that is continually sore. He trains from Monday to Thursday so has friday and weekends off. He might go for a swim or jog on his days off. Any advice would be appreciated. Its getting frustrating.
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