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Default Re: **** Kirks ESB Championships ****

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Assistant: Malden

* Result Commentary by Robney

RED - Featured Fights
Yellow - Recently Added Fights

4/6 - Roman Martinez vs. Diego Magdaleno - 12x3 WBO Super Featherweight Title (HBO2)
Martinez SD - 115-112/111-116/114-113 - Haven't seen the fight, but acording to the ones watching it was a solid robbery!
4/6 - Brian Viloria vs. Juan Francisco Estrada - 12x3 WBA Super World & WBO Flyweight Titles (HBO2) Estrada SD - 116-112/113-115/117-111 - Viloria had the overhand in the first couple of rounds, but then Estrada took over and almost stopped Viloria in the 12th. I had it 115-113 Estrada.
4/6 - Leonard Bundu vs. Rafal Jackiewicz - 12x3 EBU Welterweight Title - Bundu KO11 - Close fight, ended with a left hook to the body wich send Jackie down for the count.
4/7 - Koki Kameda vs. Panomroonglek Kaiyanghadaogym - 12x3 WBA World Bantamweight Title - Kameda SD - 115-114/115-113/113-116
4/8 - Gamaliel Diaz vs. Takashi Miura - 12x3 WBC Super Featherweight Title Miura TKO9 - Diaz got an oldfashioned whooping, and was down in the 3rd, 6th, 7th and the 9th. [IB edit: Miura is a man of his word:]
4/8 - Toshiyuki Igarashi vs. Akira Yaegashi - 12x3 WBC Flyweight Title - Yaegashi UD - 115-110/116-109/117-108 [IB edit: THERE WAS BLOOD, and I think even more knockdowns than Miura dealt to Diaz....]
4/8 - Shinsuke Yamanaka vs. Malcolm Tunacao - 12x3 WBC Bantamweight - Yamanaka TKO12 - This one wasn't an upset, but a fight of the year candidate according to the reports. [IB edit: I think Tunacao feels upset.]
4/12 - Rico Ramos vs. Oscar Gonzalez - 10x3 (ESPN2) Gonzalez UD - 98-91/96-93/97-93 - Ramos down the 6th by a left bodyshot/hook combo. Very close fight, cards were too wide.
4/13 - Marcos Nader vs. Roberto Santos II - 12x3 EBU-EU Middleweight Title Nader UD - 116-112/116-112/115-113 - Competative bout, at least the last six that I saw. Deserving winner
4/13 - Nonito Donaire vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux - 12x3 WBO & WBA Super World Super Bantamweight Titles (HBO) Rigondeaux UD - 114-113/115-112/116-111 - Rigo was countering Nonito in a very close and tentative bout, but edging most of them. Donaire stepped up the gas in the 9th and dropped Rigo with a hard left, but then the fight changed back into the same pace. Rigo hurt Nonito's eye with a straight left in the 12th wich made Nonito protecting it and backpeddeling.
4/14 - Chris John vs. Satoshi Hosono - 12x3 WBA Super World Featherweight Title - Draw TD - 20-18/19-19/19-19
4/19 - Javier Fortuna vs. Miguel Zamudio - 12x3 Interim WBA World Featherweight Title (ESPN2) - Fortuna KO1 - Huge left hook completely removed Zamudio from his senses after being down hard just before that. He litterally left on a stretcher from what was even a worse mismatch as expected.
4/20 - Arthur Villanueva vs. Marco Demecillo - 12x3 OPBF Super Flyweight Title (ABS-CBN Channel 2) - Villanueva UD - 118-109/119-108/119-108
4/20 - Brian Rose vs. Joachim Alcine - 10x3 (SKY) - Rose TKO12 - Reports say the referee stopped it after a "barrage of punches"... sounds like a British stoppage.
4/20 - Nathan Cleverly vs. Robin Krasniqi - 12x3 WBO Light Heavyweight Title - Cleverly UD - 120-08/119-109/120-108
4/20 - Tyson Fury vs. Steve Cunningham - 12x3 IBF Heavyweight Title Eliminator for #2 (NBC) - Fury KO7 - Fury down hard in the 2nd from a big overhead right (about the same Pajkic floored him with), and took a couple of others somewhat later. Steve (up on most viewers scorecards) got worn out later and ended in the 7th by 3 uppercuts short after another.Although Fury won big, this fight probably hurt his statue more as it raised it.
4/20 - Omar Figueroa vs. Abner Cotto - 12x3 (Showtime) - Figueroa KO1 - Cotto down first from a couple of not too hard looking but clean landing shots. And down for the count moments later by a big bodyshot, crawling on all fours.
4/20 - Austin Trout vs. Saul Alvarez - 12x3 WBC & WBA Super World Light Middleweight Titles (Showtime) - Alvarez UD - 115-112/116-111/118-109! - Very close fight, in wich Trout was the busier and Alvarez landing the bigger shots. At the start of the 7th trout went down from a straight right and looked very hurt doing a bambi impression before going down. Eventually the KD was the difference on my own scorecard wich was 114-113. The 118-109 card is absolutely ridiculous!
4/20 - Victor Terrazas vs. Cristian Mijares - 12x3 WBC Super Bantamweight Title (UniMas/Azteca) - Terrazas SD - 114-113/113-114/115-112 - Terrazas down in the 12th, getting away with a gift.
4/20 - Celestino Caballero vs. Robinson Castellanos - 12x3 WBC Silver Featherweight Title (TV Max) - Castellanos SD - 114-113/113-114/115-112 - Cabellero down in the 1st.
4/26 - Kompayak Porpramook vs. Jean Piero Perez - 12x3 Interim WBA World Flyweight Title
4/27 - Terry Flannigan vs. Nate Campbell - 10x3
4/27 - Deontay Wilder vs. Audley Harrison - 10x3 (Showtime)
4/27 - Amir Khan vs. Julio Diaz - 12x3 (Showtime)
4/27 - Fernando David Saucedo vs. Gary Buckland - 10x3
4/27 - Luis Carlos Abregu vs. Antonin Decarie - 12x3 WBC Silver Welterweight Title (HBO)
4/27 - Sergio Gabriel Martinez vs. Martin Murray - 12x3 WBC Middleweight Title (HBO)
4/27 - Chris Arreola vs. Bermane Stiverne - 12x3 WBC Heavyweight Title Eliminator (HBO)
4/27 - Peter Quillin vs. Fernando Guerrero - 12x3 WBO Middleweight Title (Showtime)
4/27 - Danny Garcia vs. Zab Judah - 12x3 WBA Super World & WBC Light Welterweight Titles (Showtime)
4/28 - Solomon Haumono vs. Kevin Johnson - 12x3
4/28 - Lucas Browne vs. James Toney - 12x3
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