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Default Re: I think i might be "overtrained"

Originally Posted by catch22 View Post
Hi, I was wondering if someone can give me some advice. I am a coach who trains amateur boxers and I have 1 boxer whose muscles are always sore and this is frustrating him as he cant train to his maximum. He has had 50+ fights so he isnt a beginner and he trains hard all the time, he knows no other way and if he cant train hard it annoys the hell out of him. He trains 6-10 hours per week, normally closer to 6, he works full time as a boilermaker, sleeps about 6 hours a night, eats very well, has recovery drinks, massages, ice baths etc. The ice baths seem to help to some degree. He had a 2 week break mid to late february and I have tried to mix his training up as much as possible to avoid training the sore muscle groups. He only knows how to train hard and I have tried to get him to train at a lesser intensity at times with no success. At times he also feels drained but a lot of the times he doesn't tell me and just tries to train through it. I have a couple of other boxers who train hard and do the same routine but he is the only 1 that is continually sore. He trains from Monday to Thursday so has friday and weekends off. He might go for a swim or jog on his days off. Any advice would be appreciated. Its getting frustrating.
There's nothing you can do but educate him. Talk to him about some principles of periodisation, explain that you need fatigue to dissipate to see improvements in performance, and that every top athlete in the world has easy days and unloading weeks. It's always the hardest workers that overtrain, they see their performance decreasing and they think they have to work harder. It's a vicious cycle and once overtraining is full blown it can take a long time to come back from. If you're training hard in an overtrained state then it will achieve the same result as detraining. Does he perform any strength training? It could be muscle imbalances contributing to his soreness if he just does the typical boxing resistance exercises (push ups, sit ups) without doing just as much pulling and lower back work.
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