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Default Re: Frazier v. Dempsey 15 rds

I do love Dempsey, but he remains the most overrated heavyweight I've seen on this forum. Arcel's opinion is great, but it's clear he has some generation bias.
Dempsey's chin: Massively overrated.
Dempsey's power: Massively overrated.

I do give Dempsey a chance to hurt Frazier, but if he floors him, he won't keep him there. Joe beats the **** out of Dempsey. One-handed fighters beat offensive two-handed fighters all the time. Too much is made of that.

Like Merchant wisely said in a vid I had once: "Yeah Frazier was one-dimensional, but that was some dimension!" I paraphrased, but he also said everyone knows going in about the hook- they just can't do anything about it. Dempsey would be no exception.

Frazier ends up putting Dempsey through a meat grinder. Less and less competitive with each passing round.
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