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Default Re: Frazier v. Dempsey 15 rds

Originally Posted by DaveK View Post
Respected and wise people say stupid **** all the time-

Dempsey would have a "picnic" in one of the toughest times in heavyweight history? That qualifies for a stupid statement, and one that is obviously generated by a bias of some sort.

Nothing objective about him having a "picnic" in the '70's heavyweight scene. I think it realistic to say he'd be in the top ten, but not a cut above, such as Ali and Frazier. He'd be winning and losing against the B-class fighters of the era which is no insult AT ALL, and by the way, would be top dawgs in Dempsey's days...

A "picnic"... *****, get out of here... Ridiculous.
I agree. It just shows that Ray was human just like all of us.

On the other hand lets not call Joe Frazier a one handed fighter. He was far from that. His righthand was always in the mix. He was accurate with it. He may not have put guys to sleep with it but Im sure he got their attention.
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