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Default Re: Dana White issues challenge to boxer Tyson Fury: 'You will get smashed'

Said this before, if you honestly think Tyson Fury has even the remotest possible chance of stopping a takedown from Cain Velasquez you are stupid beyond ****ing comprehension.

Brock Lesnar, 290lb Division 1 NATIONAL WRESTLING CHAMPION.....Cain had him on his back within 90 seconds.

Honest to ****ing god, barring him catching Velasquez with a 'Hail Mary' punch on the way in, he stands no chance of winning this fight.

I'd actually bet my life, the lives of all my beloved family members on that he wouldn't last the distance.

He'd get put on his back and then have his face mangled into a bloody mess by Cain until he couldn't take it anymore.

Seriously, he would get smashed to ****ing pieces, it would be disturbing viewing.
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