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Originally Posted by Manila View Post
Pathetic. Really, truly pathetic. Considering I didn't even say anything remotely like this at any stage in this debate. Manufacturing extremist opinions to then counter them is the calling-card of the internet moron.
Could he have physically beaten Gonzaga? Of course he could have. He wasn't that shot.

Could he have physically beaten Schaub? Of course he could have. Physically he wasn't as good as he was, but it was mentally where he didn't look anywhere near the fighter he was. Would prime Cro Cop have allowed Schaub to relax and fight his own fight? Of course not. But the cage version of Cro Cop did. In the cage he couldn't cut anyone off and corner them. And after the Gonzaga knockout he fought very cautiously, not having the confidence in himself that he had before. He carried some injuries into a couple of fights. But physically he wasn't close to Roy Jones shot.

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