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Default Re: do you agree with gsp and that mma shouldn't have rounds?

Originally Posted by CrimsonBeast View Post
hell no! the minutes of rest are huge for fighters' tanks. this change would make fighters rest during the fight even more than they currently do and that would be ****ing boring. the fights should simply be scored as a whole like they used to be in pride.

If people complain about lay and pray now, wait until it's the 13th consecutive minute of the fight and both fighters know they're only halfway done.

I'm 50/50 on scoring the fight as a whole though. I see the argument for it. But I also think that memory is pretty unreliable when it comes to properly assessing a 25 minute close fight The start and the end of the fight are weighed a lot heavier in your mind than the middle of the fight, that's just the way people's brains work. Breaking the judging into five smaller units ensures a lot more accountability, makes it harder to fix a result, and makes it a lot easier to identify a **** judge.

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