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Default Re: Official Aussie NRL Thread

Originally Posted by Rooster4Life View Post
I have stopped replying to your bs and will continue to do so after this post, I don't give a flying **** which friend of a friend told you while they were drunk and on the losing side , I was there, fact is we outnumbered them, watch the game and the crowd and the reactions to both teams try's and you will see for yourself, there was plenty of both teams , 60/40 our way no damn way was it 70% saints what a load of ****, if that was so then we must have had only about 10000 people there in the 60th min, cos all the st merge fans ****ed off out of there.

Tell your friend of a friend his a lieing ****** just like you .

Now back to not reading your boring posts and ignoring you

now now Luigi, i think you may be wrong yet again, i mean you seem to be suggesting that the poosters even have that many supporters?? we all know they don't, you have nearly the lowest membership totals & two of the lowest crowds over the last five seasons have been Goosters home games
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