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Originally Posted by Manila View Post
It's a debate, sure, but I don't think I'd call it a good one. To be a good debate, there has to be valid points being made on both sides. That fellow is talking absolute horse****, so it's more a case of trying to educate a confused person than a mutually enlightening bona fide debate. Anyone who has eye***** and has saw Crocop give and take punishment in his prime obviously/automatically knows he was shot to miniscule smithereens by 2011 when he was sent sprawling into another dimension by a D-class Rothwell victim. To ever dare suggest otherwise leaves only three conceivable conclusions: 1 - you're a blind troll, 2 - you've never seen prime Crocop fight, 3 - you're a ****ing cretin. There are no other options.
Well all you've done is repeatedly insult me and say "Cro Cop was better back in PRIDE." Which I've repeatedly said openly - YES HE WAS - but there are several reasons for that and being physically shot isn't the start and end of it. Being mentally shot and uncomfortable in the cage had more to do with it. So I've laid out my case, let's hear you answer some questions.

1) Was Gonzaga-era Cro Cop physically shot and absolutely unable to compete anymore like Ali/Holmes, or Tyson/Williams, or RJJ at the end of his career?

2) Cro-Cop's record for his last 7 MMA fights in a ring? 7-0 with 7 stoppages. Plus a no-contest against roided-up Overeem. His last 6 kickboxing fights? 6-0 including a tournament victory. (Okay, it should be 5-1, but still.)

So the record for his last 13 fights in a ring, both before and after his UFC tenure? 13-0 on the card, 12-1 for people with eyes. Plus he survived 6 minutes with roided Overeem before being kneed in the *****.

His record in the cage? 4-6.

Why the difference between 13-0 in the ring, and 4-6 in the cage? That's a spectacular difference between the two very different environments.

Could it be that Cro Cop simply never adjusted to the cage and was never confident or comfortable in the new environment? Or is the level of striking in the UFC simply THAT far above every other combat sport?

3) When exactly did Cro Crop become totally shot?

4) Will you tell me that PRIDE Cro Cop would have walked through this perfect flush head kick?

5) In one single year, Cro Cop went from the greatest triumph of his career to being so shot that he could no longer physically compete with Cheick Kongo. Accurate?

6) Why is it that Schaub can KO Cro Cop, but career-long professional kickboxers at the K1GP can't? If he was RJJ-style shot, shouldn't at least one of these kickboxers have been able to stop him, let alone beat him?

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