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Default Re: do you agree with gsp and that mma shouldn't have rounds?

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post
How so? He said he didn't say he wanted fights with no time limits. He wants to do away with the rounds. Non-championship fights at 15 min. Title fights for 25.

I like this idea. I wish they would do it with no stand-ups or separations. Do away with boxing judges jumping over to do mma. Hire compustrike people. 3 compustike people score the significant strikes, and you just average the score for points. One point per significant strike.

Knock downs are worth 4 points.

Then implement adcc scoring rules for the grappling.

I would like to make throws a higher scoring move than regular take downs. Maybe even 6 points. A leg trip is not the same as a suplex, even if you do wind up in a dominant position.

Just add all the points at the end of the fight, and there is your winner. I think this would be awesome. You get scored on production, and production alone. If you are inactive, you are not scoring. There would still be some subjectivity in regards to the strikes, but the grappling would be cut and dry.
He was exauhsted at the end of reach round especially later rounds. diaz not so much(as an aside he does triathalons for fun). he also rocked him near the ends of rounds 3 nd 4. no rounds saved him. Also jiu jitsu nd cardio over wrestling nd explosiveness in no rounds
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