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Default Re: Has Andre Ward killed the super middleweight division??

Originally Posted by iceman71 View Post
yeah 7 pounds just ruined chad dawson right? caused him not to even win a minute of 1 round. you guys are such excuse making ***s.
chad dawson is somehow "drained at 168"
but when a guy like canelo gets down to 154, he is a giant compared to floyd mayweather and has an unfair advantage because he walks around at 170. you **** heads cant have it both ways
So why did Ward not allow Dawson to weigh in at 175lbs then? It's not like Dawson was fighting Ward for the belt!

Dawson was drained no matter what he himself had been saying about his ability to make 168lbs before the fight. If you cannot see that...!

I'm not hating on Ward. I'm just pulling you up on your post in which you suggested he had cleaned out 175lbs too.
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