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Default Re: Boxing Scoring FAQ and Discussion

Originally Posted by Juiceboxbiotch View Post
The 10-Point Must System is complicated and there have been (understandably) quite a few threads asking about certain aspects of properly scoring a Boxing match (as well as a lot of uninformed posters answering). So I put together a brief overview and FAQ on this topic. ....
Now here's the problem:

Where does this info come from?

This is not an official rules list from any specific commission or sanctioning body. There IS no such list, containing all aspects. They all can enforce whatever rules they want, and they don't publish a lot of specifics, specifically (IMO) so they can justify the never-end stream of BS decisions.

Even this list is woefully incomplete:

1: A partially-blocked Punch should not be scored"

What does that mean? Define "partially." Either it's blocked or it isn't.

If it's blocked by your opponent's glove only, does it count? If that glove was touching his face, does it count then? Does that count as much as a direct hit?

If you hit his body, but he turns with the punch, thus minimizing the impact, does that count?

How about hitting an arm?

2: "Punches behind the head are illegal."

- OK, where does the back of the head start? Thompson hit Price on the back-half of his ear. That's legal?

How about on the body - at what point is it too far back?

Suppose you hit your opponent on the back of the head because he turned away after you started to throw?

I could go on & on.
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