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Default Re: Before Charr was a bum, now it's suddenly a good fight v Haye?

Originally Posted by Absolutely! View Post
Charr was a bum, till he proved himself with his valiant effort against Vitali.
He proved nothing, yeah he was brave but an ancient Vitali was hurting and dropping him with lazy arm punches. Brave, but still a bum.

Originally Posted by Cableaddict View Post
Don't expect the overweight, lackadaisical Charr that fought Saglam. Expect the dynamo that forced Vitali to cheat his way out of the battle.
He was still overweight in the Vitali fight, if you can call that being in shape the I really don't know what to say. Also "dynamo", ""forced Vitali to cheat"? I think you may have watched a totally different fight, he was outgunned and bossed by Vitali, many levels below him. Plodding forward throwing nothing punches does not automatically mean you are competetive.

Charr does seem to have this weird little fan club on here, despite him struggling with terrible boxers and getting his ass handed to him the only time he stepped up. I think this is a poor fight for Haye, he shoud be looking at bigger things IMO.
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