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Default Malignaggi ripping Broner apart!

Paul Malignaggi ‏@PaulMalignaggi 27m
Is Miss adriana awake? or is he still sleeping in between that strippers legs?

Paul Malignaggi ‏@PaulMalignaggi 24m
Difference between Floyd and Miss Adriana. Floyd takes his strippers back to the house for a show. Adriana brings them back and wifes em up.

Paul Malignaggi ‏@PaulMalignaggi 18m
Miss Adriana's toughest fight yet was that strippers muff. I heard it Ko'd him in sparring.

Paul Malignaggi ‏@PaulMalignaggi 11m
This is the first time I didn't start the war but I will let him know I'll finish it on twitter and the ring!!! #TK

Paul Malignaggi ‏@PaulMalignaggi 8m
When you're fighting bums, you should be undefeated but once you step to a real fight like a strippers muff, you got stretched..

Paul Malignaggi ‏@PaulMalignaggi 7m
Was it the smell? Or you have a glass jaw?

Paul Malignaggi ‏@PaulMalignaggi 2m
He's going to know june 22nd is real. I'm not Gavin Reevs or Diamond from Scores strip club. #TK
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